Mentorship Program

I really enjoy helping people who want to pursue their passion. So, I've been mentoring several students in the past few years through
  • Having deep discussions about what they want in life
  • Mapping out a clear path for persueing their passion
  • Having monthly meetings to follow up with their progress
  • And discussing how they can overcome the new obstacles that comes in their way
This mentorship program is usually more fruitful when the passion of the individual is somehow related to the field of articial intelligence. Still, if you're interested, contact me anyway. We will figure out whether this would be helpful for you during the first meeting. Just remember to include 'Mentorship Program' in the title of your email.
Note: This is not a paid mentorship. My only motive of doing this is that I really enjoy the process and we both can learn something during our discussions.

Current Mentees

I'm currently mentoring $6$ students, one of whom is:

Reza Khan Mohammadi   (3 years)
Independent Machine Learning Researcher
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